MORSE 2013

Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE) 2013 Workshop

Organizer: Uwe Aßmann, 0.10, Sept 2, 2013


The workshop will take place from Sunday evening, Sept. 1, 2013 – Wednesday lunch, Sept. 4, 2013 in Laubusch, Informatik- und Begegnungszentrum Sachsen (IBS), between Dresden and Berlin, near Senftenberg. The IBS is a new meeting center for East Germany (the „Eastern Dagstuhl“), has been sponsored from some companies and is organized by Technische Universität Chemnitz. The workshop costs about 60€ per day, room, full food and coffee breaks included.


This informal workshop gathers researchers from several European countries with an interest in the model-driven develop of robot software. In the last years, the modeling of NAO robots, turtle bots, Kuka youBots, and other interesting robot platforms has become quite exciting task for teaching and research, and the research groups want to exchange

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their experience, present challenges,
and ongoing work.

Some sessions of the workshop are (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Definition of „model-driven robot software engineering“ – What is really new in MORSE? Do we need this research field or is it just a subfield of MDSD?
  2. Research problem  – what are interesting research challenges?
  3. Demos – what did we do so far in each location, and what can we learn from each other
  4. Teaching – who has OSS software packages for teaching that can be shared
  5. Breakout sessions to topics proposed by the participants
  6. Discussion on a common technical report or book
  7. Evening sessions with newest videos on robots

For more information please consult the workshop’s program.

Topics of the workshop are (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Model-Driven Architecture for robots: how to model them in a platform-independent way?
  2. Energy optimization for robots
  3. Domain-specific languages for robots
  4. Ontologies for robots
  5. Model-based simulation for robots, in particular multi-domain modeling
  6. Coupling continuous and discrete models – how to couple Modelica with object-oriented classical languages
  7. Modeling principles, such as reasoning with Open World Assumption/Closed World Assumption, integrated reasoning with Melanie modeling
  8. How to couple low-level models and program analysis, such as WCETA and Worst-Case Energy Analysis (WCEA), to high-level models, such as equations, statecharts, petri nets
  9. Context-sensitive behavior, but nevertheless verifiability – how to achieve?
  10. Contracts for robots, including quality contracts
  11. Cyber-physical role-object pattern: structural models with roles in the physical and cyber world

Participants and Invitees

Laubusch has 15 internal guest rooms (plus 3 external) for the workshop, so the participant number is limited. However, we have (tentative) reservations for approximately 10 more people located at Hotel Sachsenhof, Luga closeby that may be used for additional guests (timely acknowledged participation required).

# Participants Institution Status Talk Time Monday
1 Prof. Colin Atkinson Universität Mannheim Sun-Tuesday evening. 30
2 Prof. Jens Knoop TU Wien ackn. 30
3 Prof. Uwe Aßmann TU Dresden ackn. 30
4 Dr. Dietmar Schreiner Criminal Intelligence Service Austria,
TU Wien, Austrian Cangoroos
Sun – Wed morning 30
5 Prof. Bernhard Jung Bergakademie Freiberg Sun – Monday evening 30
6 Prof. Hans-Joachim Böhme HTW Dresden ackn. 30
7 Prof. Gerd Wagner BTU Cottbus ackn. 30
8 Dr. Somayeh Malakuti TU Dresden ackn. 20
9 Dr. Frank Furrer Consultant, Senior researcher TU Dresden ackn. ?
10 Dr. Florian Niebling TU Dresden ackn. 20
11 Dr. Sven Hellbach HTW Dresden ackn. ?
12 Christoph Seidl TU Dresden ackn. ?
13 Max Leuthäuser TU Dresden ackn. 20
14 René Schöne TU Dresden ackn. 20?
15 Ronny Seiger TU Dresden ackn. ?
# Participants with external rooms in IBS Laubusch
Institution Status Talk Time Monday
16 Christian Piechnick TU Dresden during all days; nights unclear.
# Temporary visitors, no hotel room Institution Status Talk Time Monday
17 Dr. Sebastian Richly TU Dresden Tuesday, Wednesday, no night
18 Georg Püschel TU Dresden during all days 20
19 Claas Wilke TU Dresden part of time, no night 20
20 Jan Reimann TU Dresden ?
21 Dr. Sebastian Grottel TU Dresden ? ?
22 Thomas Kühn TU Dresden Monday, no night
23 Prof. Wolfram Hardt TU Dresden part of time (Wednesday)

Travel to Laubusch

IBS is located inmidst of an idyllic landscape with several lakes in the district of Oberlausitz, Saxony.

You can travel to Laubusch either by car or by train.
Click to enlarge map view

Travel by Car

  1. Follow the motorway A13 (E55) towards Dresden
  2. Take the exit 17-Ruhland and turn left onto the B169 towards Senftenberg/Hoyerswerda/Lauchhammer
  3. Turn right on the next traffic light in the direction of Ruhland (1 km)
  4. Turn left after you have passed the second railroad bridge on to the road Badeanstalt (4,4 km)
  5. Turn right in the village Schwarzbach onto the Hauptstraße towards Lauta (7,1 km)
  6. Follow the main road in right direction in the village Hosena (3,3 km)
  7. Turn left onto the Dorfstraße B96 in Lauta Dorf (3,6 km)
  8. Turn left at the end of Lauta on to the Grube-Erika-Straße (1,7 km)
  9. In Laubusch you have to turn left onto the Haupstraße and follow this road for 200 m until you reach the IBS

Travel by Train

If you want to travel by train, the closest relevant rail stations are

We will arrange an on-demand pickup service from these train stations so that you can reach the workshop location.

Travel by Air

The following airports are near Laubusch

  • Dresden (DRS)
  • Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF)
  • Berlin-Tegel (TXL)
  • Leipzig-Halle (LEJ)

From these Airports you can either take the train or rent a car; and follow the instructions given above.

Social Event : Konrad-Zuse-Computermuseum

The Social Event will be an excursion on Tuesday, Sept 3, 13:30-16:30 to the
Konrad-Zuse-Computermuseum in the neighboring town of Hoyerswerda. Konrad Zuse was a German computer pioneer from Saxony. He invented the world’s first functional program-controlled Turing-complete computer. Zuse was born in Hoyerswerda. The Konrad-Zuse-Computermuseum displays and explains many of his inventions in the city Zuse went to school and where he found his interest for science and technology. There will be an admission of 5€ per person. Unfortunately, the guided tour is available in German language only (we will try to translate) but there are many exhibits to see nonetheless.
Transport will be arranged and we meet at 13:30, beginning of the tour will be at 14:00.


im LAUTECH-Gebäude
Industriegelände Str. E, Nr. 8
02977 Hoyerswerda
Tel. : 03571 478957

# Participants with external rooms in Hotel Sachsenhof, Lauta
Institution Status
N.N. N.I. ?
N.N. N.I. ?
N.N. N.I. ?
N.N. N.I. ?