PhD Theses

In the ResUbic Lab, the following PhD theses have been successfully been completed:

  • Dr. Marc Mosch. Ensuring Data Souvereignty in the Cloud. PhD thesis, March 2014. (2011-2013, Young Researchers Group FlexCloud)
  • Dr. Yvonne Thoss. Systemunterstützung zur Bewertung der Qualität persönlicher Cloud-Dienste. PhD thesis, March 2014. (2011-2013, Young Researchers Group FlexCloud)
  • Dr. Claas Wilke. Energy-Aware Development and Labeling for Mobile Applications. PhD thesis, March 2014. [ bib | pdf on qucosa | Home page ] (2011-2013, Young Researchers Group ZESSY). Winner of the SAP price for best industrially oriented PhD thesis 2013 at the department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Sebastian Götz. Multi-Quality Auto-Tuning by Contract Negotiation. PhD thesis, July 2013. [ bib | pdf on qucosa ] (2011, Young Researchers Group ZESSY)
  • Dr. Christian Wende, Language Family Engineering. PhD thesis, March 2012. [ bib | http | Startup DevBoost ] (2011, Young Researchers Group ZESSY)

Related PhD Theses financed by European Social Fund (ESF)

  • Dr. Julia Schroeter. Feature-based Configuration Management for Reconfigurable Cloud Applications. PhD thesis, April 2014. [ bib pdf on qucosa |Home page with PUMA tool suite ] (ESF industry PhD grant, 2011-2013)
  • Dr. Katja Siegemund. Contributions To Ontology-Driven Requirements Engineering.  May 2014. [ bib | pdf not yet published] (ESF Wiedereingliederungsstipendium, 2012-2013)